“Proclaiming of the Word of God to those whom He places along their path… Such a grace requires a profound union with the Lord”

-Pope St. Paul VI, “Evangelica Testica”

Union with God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is fostered by a contemplative life of prayer which includes:

      • Daily Mass, Eucharistic Adoration, Liturgy of the Hours
      • Places and times of silence, solitude, and mental prayer
      • Spiritual reading, especially Sacred Scripture,  devotion to the saints,  especially the Blessed Virgin Mary
      • Living a spirit of Pentecost======DRAFT========




The Sacred Liturgy and Sacramental life of the church is foundational to the daily life of the religious community and it is in the Mass that our union with God culminates in receiving Jesus in Holy Communion. Our communion with God, the brothers, and the Church continues throughout the day by chanting the Liturgy of the Hours and Eucharistic Adoration.

“Evangelization leads to the Eucharist, since the Eucharist is the fullness of communion
with Jesus and his whole Church. On the other hand, the Eucharist leads to evangelization, since our ability to announce the Gospel springs from the passion and resurrection of Christ which is made present anew in the Eucharist.”
-Archbishop Allen H. Vigneron, Unleash the Gospel, M3.4.


Times of silence, solitude, and mental prayer nourish and guard the recollected soul that desires to remain in communion with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  It is from this overflow of being filled with the Spirit of the Lord that one is able bear abundant fruit in the work of evangelization.

“Contemplative prayer is the prayer of the child of God, of the forgiven sinner who agrees to welcome the love by which he is loved and who wants to respond to it by loving even more. But he knows that the love he is returning is poured out by the Spirit in his heart, for everything is grace from God. Contemplative prayer is the poor and humble surrender to the loving will of the Father in ever deeper union with his beloved Son.”
-Catechism of the Catholic Church, no. 2712

“Times of silence are demanded by love of God. As a rule he needs a certain solitude so that he may hear God “speaking to his heart..” “the search for intimacy with God involves the truly vital need of a silence embracing the whole being, both for those who must find God in the midst of noise and confusion and for contemplatives.
-Pope St. Paul VI, Evangelica Testifactio, no. 46


The Holy Spirit, essential to evangelization, fills and guides us in continual prayer, praise, adoration, and thanksgiving.  With ardent intercession for the Church, our bishop and diocese, family, friends, and for the conversion of those we evangelize, we implore the Father for a new Pentecost and to equip His Church with charisms for its mission.======DRAFT========


Blessed Virgin Mary======DRAFT========

With “her hands raised, the Virgin Mother of Christ and of the Church prays among us.” “With her, let us implore and welcome the gift of the Holy Spirit” (Pope St. John Paul II, Pentecost Solemn Vespers, 2004)

Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary is an “intrinsic element of Christian worship” (Paul VI, MC 56.).

We look to Her as Mother of God and our spiritual mother. She is the beloved daughter of the Father. She is the Spouse of the Holy Spirit who prayed that the Holy Spirit descend upon the disciples at Pentecost as the Spirit descended upon Her at the Annunciation. She teaches us to contemplate the Trinity and obtains for us the grace of charisms. She is the “Star of Evangelization” who guides us and those we evangelize toward conversion. She is the one we imitate in order to become more like Jesus.


The Blessed Virgin Mary holds a most tender and sacred place in the heart of the evangelist for she models what we value and is our most powerful intercessor.  She models for us the life of contemplation, devotion to the Eucharist as Mother of the Eucharist, petitions for us as she did for the Apostles on Pentecost as Spouse of the Holy Spirit, and intercedes for the spiritual gifts and graces of conversion as we evangelize under the title, Star of Evangelization.

The Blessed Virgin Mary “is recognized as the Mother of the Church and we, full of confidence, have recourse to her so that, through her efficacious help and powerful intercession, the charisms, abundantly bestowed by the Holy Spirit among the faithful, may be received with docility and bear fruit for the life and mission of the Church and for the good of the world. –Iuvenescit Ecclesia, no. 24